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Welcome, and thank you for visiting my website.

I am Rocky Lopes, and I see that people look for information about me on the web. Yes, I am "that" Rocky Lopes -- who used to be with the American Red Cross and the National Association of Counties and now working as the Deputy to the Tsunami Program Lead with the National Weather Service Headquarters. I am a volunteer civic leader in Montgomery County, Maryland, USA. Harley-rider, senior supporter, caregiver ... yep, that's me!

By the way, the last name is one syllable, as the "Lopes" in "envelopes."

Here is some information about me, what I'm doing, and some fun things as well. I am doing well, love my family, and life in general. Click on the buttons to the left, see what's up, some pics, and learn some more. Write me a message if you like. Enjoy your visit.

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